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H-cube’s THz Hyperspectral Imaging

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Advanced research – Manufacturing prowess

H-cube: A Consortium Driving Innovation

Our partnership is a robust network of European research institutes, production companies, and consultancies dedicated to bringing THz imaging technology to the forefront of the market. We combine the advanced research from CNR and the University of Salerno with the manufacturing prowess of FBK, and the market insight of Asteria Business Development, among others, to deliver unparalleled solutions.

Hyperspectral imaging – Quality control.

Technology That Sets You Apart

Our thermomechanical bolometer arrays are designed to provide enhanced image contrast and specificity in the THz range. Hyperspectral imaging can revolutionize how industries approach diagnostics and quality control.

Technology – Innovation

Collaboration: The Path to Innovation

Join us in shaping the future of THz imaging. Our collaborative approach means we work with you to tailor our technology to your needs, ensuring that our solution meets your customers’ needs and application requirements

Medical diagnostic – Security screening

Industry Applications: A Broad Horizon

Our THz hyperspectral imaging technology has a wide array of applications, from enhancing medical diagnostic techniques to improving security screening and quality control in manufacturing. Explore how our technology can be applied to your specific industry needs.

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